Intellectual Proterty

We have considerable expertise in a wide range of technical fields and offer a correspondingly wide range of services related to intellectual property.
In conjunction with Isshiki & Partners, we also handle domestic and international IP disputes.
  • Filing and prosecution

    patent, utility model, design, trademark
    We provide our clients with the best possible preparation and prosecution for their inventions, designs, and brands so that they can maximize their business.
  • Obtain IP rights in foreign countries

    We work with foreign IP firms to assist our clients in obtaining IP rights in foreign countries.
  • Discover new inventions

    Our firm offers tools to help uncover new inventions emerging from research and development through discussion with our clients.
  • Surveys

    prior art surveys, clearance surveys, etc.
    We conduct pre-filing prior art searches, clearance searches, and invalidity searches.
  • Trial, opposition

    invalidation trial, cancellation trial, etc.
    We handle trials and oppositions to cancel or invalidate competing IP rights.
  • Litigation

    lawsuits for revocation of trial decisions, specific infringement lawsuits
    Our experienced patent attorneys and attorneys at law are available for litigation over revocation decisions and trial decisions, as well as patent infringement litigation.
  • Opinions

    infringement, invalidity, etc.
    We provide expert opinions on the infringement and validity of intellectual property rights.
  • Consulting / IP support

    We offer a variety of consulting services related to intellectual property to support our clients' IP activities.
  • Education and Training Support

    We provide in-house education and training support on a wide range of topics, including intellectual property, through seminars and other activities.